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Wondering What To Get That Special Landlord In Your Life For The Holidays?

Posted by Tristan R. Pettit, Esq. in Seminars, Landlord Boot Camp / Comments

Are you wondering what to get that special landlord in your life for the holidays? Look no further. How about giving him or her some peace of mind and lots of education? Send the landlord in your life to the AASEW's next Landlord Boot Camp on February 24, 2018.

Landlording can be pretty complex, with a seemingly never ending myriad of paperwork, rules, landlord-tenant laws and simple mistakes that can cost you thousands.

The Apartment Association of Southeastern Wisconsin's “Landlord Boot Camp" can help you navigate these treacherous waters and learn how to run your properties with greater profit and less hassles.

Who: Taught by Attorney Tristan Pettit, who drafts many of the landlord tenant forms for Wisconsin Legal Blank.

Attorney Tristan Pettit has given similar landlord-tenant law seminars to fellow attorneys, landlords, and property manager organizations that charge their members $400-$500.
This is your opportunity to learn all of the same information at a huge discount through the Apartment Association .

When: February 24th, 2018 Registration opens at 7:10 AM. The seminar is 8:30 to 5 with a half hour lunch break. There will be a one hour question and answer session afterwards, ending promptly at 6 PM. Many will find the Q&A invaluable, therefore you may wish to make arrangements to stay until 6 PM.

Where: Clarion Hotel 5311 S. Howell Avenue, Milwaukee [Map]

Included: 100 plus page manual to help you put what you learn into practice.


  • Members $179
  • Non-Members $297

Specials: Not a member? Pay just $1 more than the non member price and receive both the Boot Camp and a 12 month AASEW General Membership including member discounts at Home Depot, Sherwin Williams and more.($298).

Wisconsin landlord-tenant laws are constantly changing. To help keep you up to date those who attended in the past three years receive a $40 discount.

What you will learn at the Apartment Association's Spring 2018 Landlord Boot Camp

Landlord Boot Camp covers everything that you need to know about residential Landlord Tenant law in Wisconsin, as amended in March 2012 by Act 143, in March 2014 and again in March 2016 with the passage of ACT 176, including:

  1. How to properly screen prospective tenants
  2. How to draft written screening criteria to assist you in the selection process
  3. How to comply with both federal and state Fair Housing laws including how to comply with “reasonable modifications" and “reasonable accommodations" requests
  4. How to legally reject an applicant
  5. What rental documents you should be using and why
  6. When you should be using a 5-day notice versus a 14-day notice, 28-day notice, or 30-day notice and how to properly serve the notice on your tenant The Wisconsin Eviction Notices have changed and improved under Act 176, enacted in March 2016
  7. Everything you wanted to know (and probably even more than you wanted to know) about the Residential Rental Practices (ATCP 134) and how to avoid having to pay double damages to your tenant for breaching ATCP 134
  8. When you are legally allowed to enter your tenant's apartment
  9. How to properly draft an eviction summons and complaint
  10. What to do to keep the commissioner from dismissing your eviction suit
  11. What you can legally deduct from a security deposit
  12. How to properly draft a security deposit transmittal / 21-day letter
  13. How to handle pet damage
  14. What to do with a tenant's abandoned property and how this may affect whether or not you file an eviction suit
  15. How to pursue your ex-tenant for damages to your rental property and past due rent (and whether it is even worth it to do so)
  16. An ample question and answer period. This alone is worth the admission.

    . . . and much more.

You get all this for less than you would pay for an hour of an attorney's time.

Last year's AASEW Landlord Boot Camp was filled to capacity. So much so we even had to turn a few people away. So call early to reserve your spot.

Call the Association at (414) 276-7378 or email us at membership@AASEW.org today to reserve your spot.

Remember that “landlording" is a business — so take the time to educate yourself on how to better manage your business and avoid costly errors!

Tristan is a shareholder with the law firm of Petrie+Pettit and focuses his practice in the area of landlord-tenant law representing landlords and property management companies throughout Wisconsin.

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