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Labor + Employment Law

Today's management teams face an increasingly complex array of challenges related to labor and employment law. Along the way, Petrie + Pettit clients know they can turn to our experienced attorneys to help minimize risks and maximize productivity. Whether we're supporting pro-active policy development, counseling on hire/fire decisions or disciplinary investigations, or litigating before state and federal agencies and courts, we help companies navigate the labor and employment landscape and achieve the most favorable and cost-effective outcomes.

Our Labor + Employment Law Services

  • Drafting employment contracts, including:
    • Non-Compete/Confidentiality Agreements
    • Executive/Physician Contracts
    • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Negotiating labor contracts, defending union greviences and providing union avoidance training
  • Developing and reviewing employment policies/handbooks
  • Human Resources Training
  • Litigating all employment claims, including:
    • Discrimination/Harassment/Retaliation
    • Wage + Hour and OSHA citations
    • Unemployment/Workers Compensation
    • Breach of Duty of Loyalty/Theft of Trade Secret