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Posted by Tristan R. Pettit, Esq. in Screening Tenants / Comments

UPDATE - APRIL 15, 2016 ---- Please review my April 15, 2016 blog post on HUD's new guidance regarding the consideration of a rental applicant's criminal history in the screening process as it may impact or alter the information in this blog post.Screening prospective tenants is the single most important aspect of the rental process regardless of whether you are renting residential or commercial property. If done properly, ...

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Posted by Tristan R. Pettit, Esq. in ATCP 134 / Comments

If you are a landlord are you familiar with ATCP 134?  If not, you definitely need to be.  ATCP 134 is a chapter of the Wisconsin Administrative Code that applies to residential rental practices.  While these rules were updated in 1998 many well-intentioned landlords are still unfamiliar with their provisions and the rather extreme consequences that may result if you fail to abide by them.The most overlooked - and ...

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Welcome to Tristan's Landlord Tenant Law Blog

Posted by Tristan R. Pettit, Esq. / Comments

Welcome. My name is Tristan Pettit and I am an attorney with the law firm of Petrie & Stocking S.C. One of my specialties is the area of landlord tenant law. I am also the current President of the Apartment Association of Southeastern Wisconsin (AASEW). I have been practicing in the area of landlord tenant law for over 13 years. I appear in eviction ...

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